Frost Memorial Fund, Inc., is a private foundation that awards grants to non-profit organizations, with particular attention to charities in the Village and Town of Rhinebeck, New York.

Benson R. Frost, Jr. and Barbara V. Frost founded Frost Memorial Fund, Inc., in 1998, and funded it with substantial gifts and bequests. During the Frosts’ lifetimes, for reasons of privacy, the Fund was known as McRostie Foundation, Inc.

Frost Memorial Fund, Inc., serves as continuing evidence of the Frost Family’s support for charitable endeavors in Rhinebeck.

Frost Collection

Benson R. Frost Jr., 1940s
Barbara Frost
Benson, Jr., and Barbara on horseback. Taken at Southlands, late 1930s.
Barbara as librarian in Mount Kisco schools, late 1940s.
Penang: Benson’s favorite horse at Southlands, late 1930s-40s.
Painting of the Frost House, by Altoon Sultan.